Monday, August 4, 2014

This is HUGE: Outski Wants To Give YOU Money To Travel With VSA Dividends™

You asked for it and here it is! In an unprecedented move, Outski is sharing 50% of the commissions that it receives from its discount travel provider, as well as 50% of the commissions it earns from travel insurance purchases, made on the Outski platform, with all of its 401(Play)™ users. Starting this month, if you're a 401(Play)™ user, this means reaching your Trip saving goals, and traveling, sooner!

The program is called VSA Dividends™, and all shared profits will be distributed equally into the VSA of each 401(Play)™ user.

The VSA Dividends™ program is a tangible way to help 401(play)™ users save money for their upcoming trips. CEO Greg Nickolson says, “Many companies offer a rewards or ‘points’ program, but nobody is just handing over profits to their customers; until now.  These users will see an actual increase in their VSA balances.”  

Nickolson believes that this, “could further incentivize employers to adopt 401(play)™ plans into their employee benefits program or health and wellness plan, improving their business culture.”

Not many companies pay you to invest in yourself. With 401(Play)™ and VSA Dividends™, you can get Outski sooner! If you're an employee, your work-life balance and workplace satisfaction is greatly improved! If you're an employer, your employees will never want to quit. 

More information about Outski's VSA Dividends™ program may be found in Outski's Terms and Conditions.

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