Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Go On, Get Outski!

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I can’t afford it.When was the last time you thought, ‘I need a vacation.’? Was that thought then followed up by all the reasons why you can’t take one? Here are a few reasons why people don’t use their hard-earned vacation days:
I don’t have time.
I am afraid I won’t have a job to come home to if I take a break. (Hetter, 2013)

This is so sad! It may take some strategic planning, but saving for a vacation can be done. It MUST be done! Most people who say they can’t afford a vacation have not been saving money specifically for one. Perhaps you have a savings account, but don’t want to touch it for a trip. That’s your rainy day fund, and hey, that is great! It should be.
Did you know that those who consciously budget for vacations are more likely to go on one? (Leong, 2013)
What if you had an account set aside specifically for vacations? What if simply having this free FDIC-insured account meant that you had access to planning and booking tools, simply for saving up? Well, now you can have this. Outski is a travel savings website that allows you to do just that. Our unique platform allows you to budget, save, plan, and book your trips, as well as interact with the people who will be taking these trips with you (spouse, family, friends…). Booking through Outski means accessing the best travel rates around. Also, because we are a one-stop travel-planning experience, you don’t have to be on the internet all day. We are with you from the time your vacation is but a twinkle in your eye, to when you actually arrive at your destination. This is because once you take your trip, all you do is take your Outski Visa or Discover card with you, and start spending! (By the way, if an emergency arises and you can’t take your trip, those funds can be used for anything.). It’s like a health savings account, but better! (And is traveling not the best way to take care of your health??)
Ok, back to the reasons people use for not taking vacation days. We have effectively eliminated the excuses of money and time. Now, on to the employer debate. Did you know that your employer wants you to take your vacation days? In fact, we have had many employers already sign on for our 401(play)™ plan, as an addition to their company benefits package. If your boss is willing to give you a kick in the rear to get started on the road to taking a vacation, it’s a good sign that they won’t hold up any signs when the time comes for your getaway.
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Smart bosses know that when their employees take vacations, they are happier in their jobs and are more productive, which means a better bottom line for them. Sure, it may be tough working out the logistics of preparing to leave for a few days or weeks, but it is well worth it in the end. There is a direct link between overall happiness and how often someone takes a vacation. (Mercola, 2013).
Nothing beats a great, relaxing vacation - especially if you know that when you get back, you'll feel refreshed and excited to do your job again!

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