Friday, February 21, 2014

The Best Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding Without Breaking Your Guests’ Budgets

While a destination wedding can be a truly spectacular event that will make memories to last a lifetime, the people you want may not be as thrilled when they receive their invitations. After all, they’ll have to re-arrange their lives to be a part of your special day. They’ll have to take time off of work, possibly make arrangements for babysitting, and they may also wonder how they’ll be able to afford the trip. Here are our best tips to plan your dream wedding on a budget.

1. Look for a Destination with Your Guests in Mind
Check several different types of resorts, and pick the one that offers activities you think will satisfy all the members of your wedding party. For example, see if there will be plenty for your guests’ children to do in the days leading up to your destination wedding. See if there are interesting retreats as well as plenty of dining options. That way your guests can save some money and you won’t have to act as their concierge.
2. Book Your Destination Wedding During the Off-Season
The off-peak time of year, of course, is when you will find the biggest savings and deepest discounts. For instance, if you’re thinking of having your destination wedding in the Caribbean, you can often find great prices during weekends such as the Fourth of July or Mother’s Day.
3. Group Savings Can Be Significant
The majority of resorts will offer substantial discounts for groups – you just need to make sure that yours will be large enough to qualify. You can also find discounts on dining, transportation and activities in many instances.
At Outski, we can help you find great deals for your destination wedding that will make both you and your guests happy. Once you get the details taken care of, all you’ll need to do afterward is start getting more and more excited. We’ll give you the advice you need concerning the best places to go that will help you and everyone else in your party get the most for your money.

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